Parish Questionnaire

The Shared Ministry Team put together a questionnaire and members of the congregation posted them through the doors of all the houses of the Silverdale Estate (some 350 houses!).

We received 51 responses and here is a breakdown of them…

Q.1.  Are you aware there is a Church on City Road called St Francis?

Yes      50                    No       1

Q.2.  Have you ever been to St Francis church for:

Funeral  31     Mums and Toddlers  7     Wedding  12   Christening  21     Sunday Service  10      Never been  6

Other service/group    Brownies  2,

Weddings banns

Wednesday service


community meeting

+3 others

Q.3.  How did you find your visit to St Francis?

Friendly           14

Welcoming      5

Very good       4

OK                      3

Excellent         2

Pleasant           2

Also:    alright, quite nice, very warm, lovely services, comfortable, friendly atmosphere, good/very nice services, enjoyable, well conducted, fulfilling, no problems, good, relaxed

Q.4.  Do you go to any other Church regularly?

Yes      4                      No       44

If yes, which one?       St Matthews, St Cuthbert’s, St Luke’s, Goose Green Methodist

Q.5.  What would you say was good about living in Kitt Green?

Friendly community                            16

Amenities/shops on doorstep         10

Blank                                                              6

Quiet                                                              4

Good bus service                                      3

Close to motorway                                  3

Neighbours mostly nice                        2

Nothing                                                        2

Clean                                                             2

Also:    feel comfortable, community spirit, children for son to play with, safe, nice area, rural greenbelt, feel fairly safe at night, no asylum seekers, close to Robin Park, nice walks near farm, close to schools, nice people, close to Wigan, mostly respectable, can’t think of anything, not good

Q.6.  What would you say are the main issues affecting this community?

No activities for the young                 11

Teenagers/youth violence                  7

Blank                                                            7

Litter                                                            4

Lack of community places                 3

Dog fouling                                               3

Nothing                                                      3

Not enough jobs/unemployment   3

Drugs                                                           2

Traffic                                                         2

Lack of community spirit                   2

Also:    the people, people not taking pride in surroundings, vandalism, roads and pavements in need of repair, over-populated, useless council and policing, speeding cars, cleanliness, wasted/unused areas, not enough for elderly, people not taking time to get to know neighbours, Last Orders Pub, lack of funding compared to Marsh Green and Norley Hall, don’t know

Q.7.  Do you feel we, as a Church, could help support this in any way?

No                                                                 13

Yes                                                                 9

Blank                                                             8

Don’t know                                                 6

Youth clubs                                               5

People should be more responsible 3

Also:    regular newsletter about events, more clubs (Scouts, Guides), supporting kids, youth events/projects, children’s activities, support council with football nets on field, community events, activity clubs/events, litter picking day, it’s up to the council, already doing a great job if people would join, maybe

Q.8.  What do you think the role of a Church is within a community?

To bring people together                          13

Support                                                              8

Blank                                                                   7

Weddings, funerals, christenings           3

Spiritual guidance                                        2

Very important                                             2

Meeting place                                                 3

Don’t know/not sure                                   2

Also:    help those who need and deserve it, encourage, bring God into lives, assist people to find faith, centre of community, give hope and faith, centre for faith issues, someone to speak to, include everyone, to just be there, place to reflect on beliefs, be aware of needs and reach out and help them, teach respect, get to parents, provide facilities (youth club), none

The respondents’ households comprised of…

single                           8          couple                         22

single with children      0          couple with children    15

The age range within the households was…

18 months to 82 years old

We are in the process of passing the information onto the local councillors & police for their information.  We hope that these responses will help us as a church, as we continue to seek God’s vision for the mission here in Kitt Green.

4 Comments on “Parish Questionnaire”

  1. [...] and there were some interesting as well as challenging responses.  To read them go to the Parish Questionnaire Page.   The responses will also be shared with our local councillors as well as the local police, as [...]

  2. J. Unsworth Says:

    What a very good response to this Questionnaire. I was very concerned when we started this survey that we would not get many back. But what do I know!!!
    Also it is very interesting to see how many commented that the Church was here to bring people together.

  3. Janet Molyneux Says:

    I have only just signed up to this site and I’m ashamed to admit that from reading some of these comments I need to do more.I am however trying to continue to facilitate the Youth Club which runs every we’d from 7pm till 9pm and does not close for half term as many activities do.and evidence from the numbers of young we are recieving (63) and is still continuing to grow,I feel we are giving young people in this and neighbouring areas an opportunity yhat

    • Janet Molyneux Says:

      Sorry the last comment went before I had finished.I was going to say.We as a group hope we can continue to provide an avenue for young people and in this hope we may be given the opportunity to enable us and them to make changes for and in their own community.Please continue to pray for this project and all it’s volunteers.thank You and God Bless Janet.

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